Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Add sUbjEt foR seM 4...(^,^)

time to open the new time table...hehe
tonight i must quickly to add the subject..
i had did the time table so that i did not busy for another work..
yeap..there are many of my friend so, we must faster than others to get in the group...

at 12 o'clock, my friend and i have been at the room..
everyone had ready with their laptop..
everyone like panic because they afraid if they did not add the funny..haha
at first, everyone can wait patiently, but it takes a long time...
times was ago..but, we still waiting...

i think we all  had wait until 4 o' sleepy..
everyone fell angry because we had waiting for a long time, 
but the system still closed for our program.grrr!!!
we can not sleep before we did not finished it..
i fell, it was a bitter memories because of this, i had to go bad lately..hehe..

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