Saturday, 29 October 2011

AssiGnment vs study....

grrrrrrrr.........i feel tension again..
there many thing that i have to settle..
now i have to divide my time to do assignment and do a revision.

i already do the assignment, but it not finish yet..hehe..
today, i have stop my assignment because i have a test on Tuesday..
yes, i know that both of them are important, but now i want to settle the test..
then, i would be continue my assignment..hehe
I must struggle to let me answer that test very well...=)

i can not online for the moment..hehe
i hope that you all had did your assignment and don't forget to study..ok
okay, let me finish my reading, pray on me..=)
okay friends, see you later.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My LifE...=)

hello my friend..
how are you today? what are your feeling now?are you happy?sad?angry? or tension?hehe.. 

i fell relax now...hehe..i have got my feel to do my work..
i must finish it before submit..=)
yeah, i had think that i can not panic and tension..

just do not waste my time and do my work continuously.
always find a material at the library or internet, do a lot of reading and so on..
for my friends, do not waste your time, take a rest and do your assignment..=)

Sunday, 23 October 2011


hi everyone! how are you? i would like to tell something..huhu
holiday will coming, so many of us must go back to their happy=)

but me??..em..i'm still in college..i just still here to spend my holiday..
i miss my family very much..=(
i hope that when i still here, i can do and finish all assignment.
i do not many time for, i hope i can spend more time to do it..

for all my friend who can meet your parent, hope you all happy..
have a great time..
and do not leave your assignment okay..=)
okay, i want to finish my work..see you later..

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


hello are you? 
i think you all must busy with your assignment right?..huhu..
now, my friend and i already in week 6 in university..
for now, we have a lot of dizzy=(

i don't know how to do..i feel tension..hehe
i already had do my assignment, but i still can not finish it..
i don't know why..
i feel i have think about assignment, presentation and so on..
so, i do not pay attention on my assignment and my study..
i spend more time to do other things..

i can not give up and do the unbenefit things.
i must realize that i can not success if i do not change my attitude..~

Friday, 14 October 2011

go to the library.=)

it's saturday.
today i do not class because my lecture had cancel it..=)
so, today i must use my time with doing a useful thing.
my friend and i had went to the library.
we want to find some of thing that can be used in our assignment. 
so diligent =).

firstly, we can not found anything material for this. 
we are disappointed.=(
then, we find again and we have a few journal.hehe
actually, i do not know how to related with an article.
when my friend had give their help, i can get some information.

at the library, we get an journal. so i hope that we found the related journal for make us easily for finish our assignment..=)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ec class week 5..=) i have an english communication class.for this week,
i am waiting this class because i have to know more about presentation and 
assignment that we have to do. 
this  is because my friend and i do not know and can  not understand about what we have to do.

As usually, we all already waiting for miss Fairus. 
while she come, she always smile and she also a cheerful person. 
After took a presence, then she had explain about all of assignment. so difficult..=(

in the class, i just thinking about the journal.
i'm very worry if i can't find that journal or article, but i will try it..=)
now, i have to thinking about ec assignment. i will try my best.=)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Going out...=) i'm so tired...firstly  i have to go to the town. 
I have to buy something for the college's's very hot i fell not good...
l have to go many place at the's make me tired, hungry and so on..

actually i don't like to go out at afternoon, but i have to do it..
my friend and i have take our time to shopping, look around and 
we also had bought 5 box of mineral heavy...

then, my friend and i had arrived at college at 3.30 o'clock..
when we arrived there, we just slept until evening..=)

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ec ClaAs.=)

Every Thursday, my friend and i have an English Communication class..
i was still remember when first time that i had this class..
i felt nervous, afraid...yes, i think everyone had felt like me too..

when i met my english lecture, i felt like to drop this cruel..hehe..
but, when i think foward, i felt that i did't should to leave this class..
when i learned more with Miss Fairus, i think she can help me a lot to improve my English..
now, i enjoy to attend ec class because she is a nice person and so funny..

so, i hope that i can learn more and practice to use english very well..
now we can not think the English is a hard subject,
but we have to think that this subject is important in our live,,
and try to loves it..=)

Sunday, 2 October 2011

A borEd dAy...=(

today is, what are your planning?
i think, most of you have your own destination..
em..not like me..=(
i don't have any planning..
don't know what to do, where is i should going, and so on...

as usually, when a weekend, i will wake up lately...
i loves to sleep..hehe..yea, this is because i just stay at hostel without going bored..
sometimes, i fell jealous when i see other peoples are going to the picnic, KL and so happy..
but me??just have to face with my friends..haha..

the next sunday, i want to plan to go out..i don't want to have a bored day anymore...=)
okey, to anyone who had a planed, i hoped that you were enjoyed it..
okey...see you later...