Sunday, 27 November 2011

time to interview....=)

hello everyone..seem like me happy
yeah, there are part of assignment that i had done and submit it...
so, now i must focus on english assignment...(interview)...
at first, i think it's hard to do..but i'm try to do it..
lucky my friend had a person to interview..
so, tomorrow we had done the interview...
that person had gave his cooperation nicely..=)
so now, we just have to do a report..
to my friends, atul, yan, aus..hope that we can do the best..

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Ec class week 8..=)

today we have an english class..
i think today we had many fault in this class..
firstly, my lecture had told me to prepared the interview..
but, my friend and i had make her disappointed with us..
we do not give that  she want..

besides that, she also talk about blog..
we do not update my blog..we just did sometimes..
then, we also do not use english for speaking..
so,i make us hard to improve our english..

i think i should follow my lecture advise..
english so important for us....

Monday, 14 November 2011

happy in my village..=)

hello my friend....we meet again...=)
i'm sorry because i'm do not update my blog yet...
as you know, we had leave our class for a week..
so, when i was at village, i did not online because i did not had any sad..=(

here i want to story to you when i at the village..
i;m so happy because can spend my time together with my family..
i'm miss them very much..
so,when i at my home, i just want to do any kind of activity with them..

i'm so happy because can eat my mother's cooking, i got my familiy's sweet..=)
i also can joke with my nephew and happy..=)
i hope that when i go back, i can do this again..
i can not forget my sweet memories...

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

ppp test =)

hello my are you?i hope that you are in good mood..=)
for your information, now i'm feel relieve because i already had done the test.

i'm very happy because now i can continue the other work.
i'm very tired, sleepy..this because i had took 4 day to ensure that i had finish my reading.
while i answered question, i felt confused. maybe i just read and did not try to understand the whole topic..
but, i had tried my best..  

i think this all for today..okay, i hope that you all happy for all time..=)