Sunday, 25 September 2011


Hi you all..
what are your planning at weekend?
ya as usually i'm update my blog because i have a new story to tell.hehe 

today is a happily friend and i have a picnic at 'kalumpang'..
we had rent a car..i loves to drive it there..
it is very nice place..i can take the rest and forget the assignment for a while.hehe
my friend and i had took a! the water is so cool and nice..
we can forget of all our problem,yea..we have a lot of problem to face it..hehe
so, i really hope that i can go to the next place...ok, i have to do my assignment now..hehe
see you soon..

Thursday, 22 September 2011

My Best Experience..

hello everyone.....
i'm i'm so tired...
ok,let me share something.
here, i want to share my new experience .. 

la .. today my friend and i had did a business at the night market..
I really enjoyed dealing with friends at the night market .. 
actually, I really like to do because it's my habit too.. hehe .. 
sometimes, i can see many people who had came and it was very lively night market ..

for your information, my friend and i are sell 'ice-blended'.
many of student came at our stall..
personally, i'm  really fun because we have a lot of customers .. hehe
ok..i think it's already late..i'm so sleepy now..
ok..see you later..