Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Add sUbjEt foR seM 4...(^,^)

time to open the new time table...hehe
tonight i must quickly to add the subject..
i had did the time table so that i did not busy for another work..
yeap..there are many of my friend so, we must faster than others to get in the group...

at 12 o'clock, my friend and i have been at the room..
everyone had ready with their laptop..
everyone like panic because they afraid if they did not add the funny..haha
at first, everyone can wait patiently, but it takes a long time...
times was ago..but, we still waiting...

i think we all  had wait until 4 o' sleepy..
everyone fell angry because we had waiting for a long time, 
but the system still closed for our program.grrr!!!
we can not sleep before we did not finished it..
i fell, it was a bitter memories because of this, i had to go bad lately..hehe..

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

tEst aGain...=)

what are your opinion??hehe
sometimes student do not like when their lecture want to do a test..
sometimes the test is easy, and sometimes it hard..
so, it makes student have to struggle in their study..

to answer the test, we should give more attention and do the revision.
like me, i also have the test on 3p today..
but luckily it is open test book..

at first, i fell nervous because i think that i can not answer it..
but, when i got the paper, i'm glad because i do it.
i hope that i had did it very well..

Saturday, 17 December 2011

A daY coUrse at Be- LeArNinG.....

how are you?? ..
today my friend and i attended the course held in Be-learning.
This course is part of the class curriculum.  
So, we are all required to participate in it.  

Actually i still feel tired because tied to martial classes.
However, I feel lucky to be able to gather with friends.
We created a task assigned.

indeed life here requires us to expand opinions, 
practice effective communication and positive relationships
This course ends at 6 pm ..  

At night, all involved with the martial invited to have dinner together.. 
it is a sweet memory for me
at the same time, I felt sad because this is my last memories with this group.
So, here i want to say that i love all my friend..=)

Saturday, 10 December 2011

mArtial arts cLassEs....( ^,^)

Hi friends ..
As usual, during the same week,
I attended extra-curricular classes on Saturday .. 

I took martial arts... it is very tired ..
This week, there
theoretical and practical. before theory test ..
So we had to attend many training classes so that we can carry out practical tests properly
sometimes feel tired because we have learned the hard level..=(
However, sometimes I feel good if I can do the exercise properly.
em ..i am very busy today because I had to attend classes in the early morning and ends at 6 pm ..  
I was relieved because the test was over and I can concentrate on the examination..  
okay, i think that's all..see you soon..

Thursday, 8 December 2011

come again..=)

hi are you??
hope that you are fine.., i sent my report..

oh no, we did many mistake..yes, again....
at first, i afraid if miss will angry.hehe..
but, she have to do it because all of us had the same thing...
so, it a true way for us because when there is no one to told the bad and the truth, we can not realize it.

luckily our lecture gave us the chance to do a correction about the report.
there are many thing that we do not put in our report..
it make our lecture did not satisfied with our report..
ok, i want finished it before tomorrow..
see you later..

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

happy....=) is a last, i finished my assignment..
then, i sent, i can alert on my ec..
pray to ALLAH because all happen with clearly..

nothing is happy without finished all my work..
now, i have to give attention on my presentation..
although i can not speak very well, but i will try..hehe.
so, i hope that you all pray on me..and we will success together..

ok friends, see you later..

Monday, 5 December 2011

time to do a report..=)

hello....we meet again..hehe
yea...i finished the interview..
so, now time to make a report..

it is a not easy likes us's take a time to finish it,..
my group try to elaborate that point as the En Mazlan given..
we hope that it an finished on time..hehe..
ok..i have to continue my report..
see you soon...=)