Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Add sUbjEt foR seM 4...(^,^)

time to open the new time table...hehe
tonight i must quickly to add the subject..
i had did the time table so that i did not busy for another work..
yeap..there are many of my friend so, we must faster than others to get in the group...

at 12 o'clock, my friend and i have been at the room..
everyone had ready with their laptop..
everyone like panic because they afraid if they did not add the funny..haha
at first, everyone can wait patiently, but it takes a long time...
times was ago..but, we still waiting...

i think we all  had wait until 4 o' sleepy..
everyone fell angry because we had waiting for a long time, 
but the system still closed for our program.grrr!!!
we can not sleep before we did not finished it..
i fell, it was a bitter memories because of this, i had to go bad lately..hehe..

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

tEst aGain...=)

what are your opinion??hehe
sometimes student do not like when their lecture want to do a test..
sometimes the test is easy, and sometimes it hard..
so, it makes student have to struggle in their study..

to answer the test, we should give more attention and do the revision.
like me, i also have the test on 3p today..
but luckily it is open test book..

at first, i fell nervous because i think that i can not answer it..
but, when i got the paper, i'm glad because i do it.
i hope that i had did it very well..

Saturday, 17 December 2011

A daY coUrse at Be- LeArNinG.....

how are you?? ..
today my friend and i attended the course held in Be-learning.
This course is part of the class curriculum.  
So, we are all required to participate in it.  

Actually i still feel tired because tied to martial classes.
However, I feel lucky to be able to gather with friends.
We created a task assigned.

indeed life here requires us to expand opinions, 
practice effective communication and positive relationships
This course ends at 6 pm ..  

At night, all involved with the martial invited to have dinner together.. 
it is a sweet memory for me
at the same time, I felt sad because this is my last memories with this group.
So, here i want to say that i love all my friend..=)

Saturday, 10 December 2011

mArtial arts cLassEs....( ^,^)

Hi friends ..
As usual, during the same week,
I attended extra-curricular classes on Saturday .. 

I took martial arts... it is very tired ..
This week, there
theoretical and practical. before theory test ..
So we had to attend many training classes so that we can carry out practical tests properly
sometimes feel tired because we have learned the hard level..=(
However, sometimes I feel good if I can do the exercise properly.
em ..i am very busy today because I had to attend classes in the early morning and ends at 6 pm ..  
I was relieved because the test was over and I can concentrate on the examination..  
okay, i think that's all..see you soon..

Thursday, 8 December 2011

come again..=)

hi are you??
hope that you are fine.., i sent my report..

oh no, we did many mistake..yes, again....
at first, i afraid if miss will angry.hehe..
but, she have to do it because all of us had the same thing...
so, it a true way for us because when there is no one to told the bad and the truth, we can not realize it.

luckily our lecture gave us the chance to do a correction about the report.
there are many thing that we do not put in our report..
it make our lecture did not satisfied with our report..
ok, i want finished it before tomorrow..
see you later..

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

happy....=) is a last, i finished my assignment..
then, i sent, i can alert on my ec..
pray to ALLAH because all happen with clearly..

nothing is happy without finished all my work..
now, i have to give attention on my presentation..
although i can not speak very well, but i will try..hehe.
so, i hope that you all pray on me..and we will success together..

ok friends, see you later..

Monday, 5 December 2011

time to do a report..=)

hello....we meet again..hehe
yea...i finished the interview..
so, now time to make a report..

it is a not easy likes us's take a time to finish it,..
my group try to elaborate that point as the En Mazlan given..
we hope that it an finished on time..hehe..
ok..i have to continue my report..
see you soon...=)

Thursday, 1 December 2011


hello are you today?
i hope that you all in happily life..=)
today, i have something to tell..

yeap..when the presentation day, i think all of us have the nervous feeling..
i also be like that..huhu
today i have ec usually, when Thursday is coming, i feel worry..hehe

em..i had friend and me did a mistake and we realized it..
our lecture told us and give her advised..
i know that i did not follow her instruction..

so, although she angry, i must take this as a lesson because i know that she want us become the best..
i will try my best so that i can realize my mistake and did not do anymore..

thank's to my miss...

Sunday, 27 November 2011

time to interview....=)

hello everyone..seem like me happy
yeah, there are part of assignment that i had done and submit it...
so, now i must focus on english assignment...(interview)...
at first, i think it's hard to do..but i'm try to do it..
lucky my friend had a person to interview..
so, tomorrow we had done the interview...
that person had gave his cooperation nicely..=)
so now, we just have to do a report..
to my friends, atul, yan, aus..hope that we can do the best..

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Ec class week 8..=)

today we have an english class..
i think today we had many fault in this class..
firstly, my lecture had told me to prepared the interview..
but, my friend and i had make her disappointed with us..
we do not give that  she want..

besides that, she also talk about blog..
we do not update my blog..we just did sometimes..
then, we also do not use english for speaking..
so,i make us hard to improve our english..

i think i should follow my lecture advise..
english so important for us....

Monday, 14 November 2011

happy in my village..=)

hello my friend....we meet again...=)
i'm sorry because i'm do not update my blog yet...
as you know, we had leave our class for a week..
so, when i was at village, i did not online because i did not had any sad..=(

here i want to story to you when i at the village..
i;m so happy because can spend my time together with my family..
i'm miss them very much..
so,when i at my home, i just want to do any kind of activity with them..

i'm so happy because can eat my mother's cooking, i got my familiy's sweet..=)
i also can joke with my nephew and happy..=)
i hope that when i go back, i can do this again..
i can not forget my sweet memories...

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

ppp test =)

hello my are you?i hope that you are in good mood..=)
for your information, now i'm feel relieve because i already had done the test.

i'm very happy because now i can continue the other work.
i'm very tired, sleepy..this because i had took 4 day to ensure that i had finish my reading.
while i answered question, i felt confused. maybe i just read and did not try to understand the whole topic..
but, i had tried my best..  

i think this all for today..okay, i hope that you all happy for all time..=)

Saturday, 29 October 2011

AssiGnment vs study....

grrrrrrrr.........i feel tension again..
there many thing that i have to settle..
now i have to divide my time to do assignment and do a revision.

i already do the assignment, but it not finish yet..hehe..
today, i have stop my assignment because i have a test on Tuesday..
yes, i know that both of them are important, but now i want to settle the test..
then, i would be continue my assignment..hehe
I must struggle to let me answer that test very well...=)

i can not online for the moment..hehe
i hope that you all had did your assignment and don't forget to study..ok
okay, let me finish my reading, pray on me..=)
okay friends, see you later.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My LifE...=)

hello my friend..
how are you today? what are your feeling now?are you happy?sad?angry? or tension?hehe.. 

i fell relax now...hehe..i have got my feel to do my work..
i must finish it before submit..=)
yeah, i had think that i can not panic and tension..

just do not waste my time and do my work continuously.
always find a material at the library or internet, do a lot of reading and so on..
for my friends, do not waste your time, take a rest and do your assignment..=)

Sunday, 23 October 2011


hi everyone! how are you? i would like to tell something..huhu
holiday will coming, so many of us must go back to their happy=)

but me??..em..i'm still in college..i just still here to spend my holiday..
i miss my family very much..=(
i hope that when i still here, i can do and finish all assignment.
i do not many time for, i hope i can spend more time to do it..

for all my friend who can meet your parent, hope you all happy..
have a great time..
and do not leave your assignment okay..=)
okay, i want to finish my work..see you later..

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


hello are you? 
i think you all must busy with your assignment right?..huhu..
now, my friend and i already in week 6 in university..
for now, we have a lot of dizzy=(

i don't know how to do..i feel tension..hehe
i already had do my assignment, but i still can not finish it..
i don't know why..
i feel i have think about assignment, presentation and so on..
so, i do not pay attention on my assignment and my study..
i spend more time to do other things..

i can not give up and do the unbenefit things.
i must realize that i can not success if i do not change my attitude..~

Friday, 14 October 2011

go to the library.=)

it's saturday.
today i do not class because my lecture had cancel it..=)
so, today i must use my time with doing a useful thing.
my friend and i had went to the library.
we want to find some of thing that can be used in our assignment. 
so diligent =).

firstly, we can not found anything material for this. 
we are disappointed.=(
then, we find again and we have a few journal.hehe
actually, i do not know how to related with an article.
when my friend had give their help, i can get some information.

at the library, we get an journal. so i hope that we found the related journal for make us easily for finish our assignment..=)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ec class week 5..=) i have an english communication class.for this week,
i am waiting this class because i have to know more about presentation and 
assignment that we have to do. 
this  is because my friend and i do not know and can  not understand about what we have to do.

As usually, we all already waiting for miss Fairus. 
while she come, she always smile and she also a cheerful person. 
After took a presence, then she had explain about all of assignment. so difficult..=(

in the class, i just thinking about the journal.
i'm very worry if i can't find that journal or article, but i will try it..=)
now, i have to thinking about ec assignment. i will try my best.=)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Going out...=) i'm so tired...firstly  i have to go to the town. 
I have to buy something for the college's's very hot i fell not good...
l have to go many place at the's make me tired, hungry and so on..

actually i don't like to go out at afternoon, but i have to do it..
my friend and i have take our time to shopping, look around and 
we also had bought 5 box of mineral heavy...

then, my friend and i had arrived at college at 3.30 o'clock..
when we arrived there, we just slept until evening..=)

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ec ClaAs.=)

Every Thursday, my friend and i have an English Communication class..
i was still remember when first time that i had this class..
i felt nervous, afraid...yes, i think everyone had felt like me too..

when i met my english lecture, i felt like to drop this cruel..hehe..
but, when i think foward, i felt that i did't should to leave this class..
when i learned more with Miss Fairus, i think she can help me a lot to improve my English..
now, i enjoy to attend ec class because she is a nice person and so funny..

so, i hope that i can learn more and practice to use english very well..
now we can not think the English is a hard subject,
but we have to think that this subject is important in our live,,
and try to loves it..=)

Sunday, 2 October 2011

A borEd dAy...=(

today is, what are your planning?
i think, most of you have your own destination..
em..not like me..=(
i don't have any planning..
don't know what to do, where is i should going, and so on...

as usually, when a weekend, i will wake up lately...
i loves to sleep..hehe..yea, this is because i just stay at hostel without going bored..
sometimes, i fell jealous when i see other peoples are going to the picnic, KL and so happy..
but me??just have to face with my friends..haha..

the next sunday, i want to plan to go out..i don't want to have a bored day anymore...=)
okey, to anyone who had a planed, i hoped that you were enjoyed it..
okey...see you later...

Sunday, 25 September 2011


Hi you all..
what are your planning at weekend?
ya as usually i'm update my blog because i have a new story to tell.hehe 

today is a happily friend and i have a picnic at 'kalumpang'..
we had rent a car..i loves to drive it there..
it is very nice place..i can take the rest and forget the assignment for a while.hehe
my friend and i had took a! the water is so cool and nice..
we can forget of all our problem,yea..we have a lot of problem to face it..hehe
so, i really hope that i can go to the next place...ok, i have to do my assignment now..hehe
see you soon..

Thursday, 22 September 2011

My Best Experience..

hello everyone.....
i'm i'm so tired...
ok,let me share something.
here, i want to share my new experience .. 

la .. today my friend and i had did a business at the night market..
I really enjoyed dealing with friends at the night market .. 
actually, I really like to do because it's my habit too.. hehe .. 
sometimes, i can see many people who had came and it was very lively night market ..

for your information, my friend and i are sell 'ice-blended'.
many of student came at our stall..
personally, i'm  really fun because we have a lot of customers .. hehe
ok..i think it's already late..i'm so sleepy now..
ok..see you later..